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Para saber mais sobre nossa política de cookies, acesse link. The name was coined by June Almeida and David Tyrrell who first observed and studied human coronaviruses. Not a whole lot had changed in the working practices at Myan Mode, the Zara factory which lies in the heart of the industrial district of Hlaing Tharyar, in Myanmar’s capital, Yangon. All Rights Reserved. Last month Spanish media gleefully noted that even Pablo Iglesias, Spain’s second deputy prime minister and one of Ortega’s most vocal critics, was spotted wearing a black, fitted Zara Man jacket.Over the years, as Zara evolved both its name — from Zorba to Zara — and its fashion ethos, the brand built its reputation by trend-spotting and delivering those trends to customers at warp speed: in fashion terms, weeks, instead of months. To some extent, fashion’s exploitative practices looked like they were about to change following a massive factory accident in Bangladesh’s Rana Plaza in 2013, when an eight-story commercial building collapsed, killing over 1,000 garment factory workers. Get ETRetail's top stories every morning in your email inbox. Domestic online grocery market to grow 8 times, JioMart to be big gainer: RedSeer8 hrs ago, Indian trader group says minister pledges strict foreign investment rules for e-commerce1 day ago. Until then, Myanmar’s government was still patting itself on the back because there were “no cases of coronavirus in the country” — something the health minister said the people owed to their diet and lifestyle. Now It’s Helping Them Survive The Coronavirus. May 29, 2020. The former Miss Great Britain, 25, could be … Ortega, now 84, is so reclusive that until 1999 no photograph of him had even been published. Ortega also made sure that Zara’s Spanish employees received their full salaries during the crisis — all of which won him plenty of great press and support in Spain. Latest trends in clothing for women, men & kids at ZARA online. 275000+ Industry Leaders read it everyday, How did you hear about us? Become a BuzzFeed News member. (Inditex said it had set up a hardship fund for workers). That’s when Myint and the union decided to talk to their employers at the factory.“We told them, ‘If you have plans to close the factory or fire workers because of coronavirus, let the union know first so we can help people look for other work,’” she said. News. LOVE Island star Zara Holland will appear in court in Barbados on Wednesday charged with breaching Covid-19 laws. The cost of this retail therapy, the longing for comfort and normalcy under lockdown, is being borne by workers thousands of miles away, faces you’d never see in a summer fashion campaign, even when the videos include token models of color. At the insistence of the workers’ union, factory bosses had added a basin for workers to wash their hands, while temperature checks took place as workers entered the factory. She had five hours to herself in the entire day, and those were meant for sleep.Myint said she first learned about the novel coronavirus in January, while browsing Facebook.“[I was reading about] how contagious it is, and that’s scary for me, because we work so close to each other all day, if one of us fell sick, everyone would fall sick,” she said. As Thingyan, Myanmar's annual new year water festival, began in April, hundreds of workers returned to their hometowns, uncertain of when they would return to work. Billionaires in the US have seen their net worth increase by tens of millions of dollars in the last three months. Inditex delivers €866 million net profit in the third quarter, and reaches historic net cash position . As of May 7, the country has officially recorded only 176 cases and six deaths. As people sang “Happy Birthday” to Ortega from their balconies in Spain, more than 500 workers at the two factories were laid off when they asked to be supplied with durable masks and for social distancing to be introduced to protect them from the coronavirus. The pneumonia, a strain of coronavirus that WHO later named COVID-19, has since spread through China and into other countries. For too long, we’ve pretended that fast fashion and eco-consciousness can coexist, that the worst excesses of sweatshop exploitation are a thing of the past. “The husbands of two women who worked at the factory returned from Thailand and were showing symptoms of COVID-19,” Ohmar Myint, a 34-year-old sewing machine operator at Myan Mode, told BuzzFeed News. A coronavirus is a common virus that causes an infection in your nose, sinuses, or upper throat. Myan Mode’s union was able to negotiate small victories for the workers, like permission to be up to 15 minutes late for work, and more reasonable working hours than other factories demanded — 44 hours a week, with up to 14 hours of overtime. Former Miss Great Britain Zara and self-employed Elliott, 30, were swabbed when they arrived in Barbados on Sunday afternoon and ordered to isolate in their hotel room to await the results. “We were given no notice at all,” Maung said. Everything is terrible — but the pandemic is particularly worrying for the people making our clothes, because readymade garment workers work on short-term contracts or are sometimes paid per piece of apparel, existing precariously close to poverty. Ortega pivoted his fashion empire to making hospital gowns and masks, and according to Forbes, flew in medical supplies worth millions from China. Gogglebox duo Mary and Marina have received their coronavirus vaccines - and had the jabs at the same time. As global leaders and health officials track the strain and make decisions regarding containment, supply chain leaders need to assess and plan for how the virus will impact global supply chains. Many want the ultra-rich to do more, which might be why Rihanna, who has donated millions of dollars to coronavirus relief efforts, has been described as a “one-woman COVID-19 foe.” But the pandemic and its economic repercussions have laid bare the hypocrisy of the super-wealthy who do just enough to make sure they get good press, while treating workers who labor for their brands as disposable. “It was a half-day, Saturday, so the management told us it would come back with a decision soon.” A few hours later, an official came to the room where the workers were gathered and read out a list of 571 names. WEB Stories like how his first fashion distribution network began in 1963 at the port city of La Coruña to help women earn money, while their husbands went out to sea to fish. Inside a Zara factory in Yangon, Myanmar. One of the factories, Myan Mode, fired every single member of a workers’ union, along with a woman who had complained of being sexually harassed at the factory last year. Put Makeup On. “The women and their husbands lived in the dormitory, so everyone found out.”On March 28, the union decided to speak to the factory’s owners again. “Often, they will change technical details such as the factory’s name or registrant to circumvent labor laws, while maintaining the same core operation.”. The country’s minimum wage is one of the lowest in Asia, and following a wave of strikes last year, approximately 50,000 garment workers have joined or formed unions. “Inditex has worked tirelessly over many years to ensure the standards set out in its supplier code of conduct are followed, including through its global partnership with the IndustriALL Global Union – the first agreement of its kind in the industry – and its membership of the ACT platform on living wages,” a spokesperson said in a statement issued after this article was published. This exodus of worried workers, desperate to return home as the worst economic and health crisis grows around them, is occurring in tandem with spikes in COVID-19 cases. When more than one-third of the planet went under coronavirus-related lockdowns, fashion changed. If we take even one day off, we lose money. “Owners briefly shut down the factory only to quickly reopen with new, nonunion workers,” Tillet-Saks, the labor rights activist, said. “The factory owners have absolute power — we cannot talk back to them no matter how much they exploit us, or demand better pay, or even ask for leave. These workers cannot work from home and, in some cases, they are working in factories in close proximity to each other where there is no concern for protecting them from the coronavirus. The protests, one of Modi’s toughest political challenges yet, follow an eventful 2020 when the combined fortunes of Ambani and Adani swelled by almost $41 billion, even as millions of Indians lost their jobs to the pandemic that pummeled the $2.9 trillion economy. 16 September 2020. Brands like Zara and Mango advertise sustainability all over their stores; other brands assure customers that they recycle all their packaging. It always begins with poverty, the seed for his philanthropic nature was planted when as a 12-year-old boy he saw his mother being denied food on credit at a local shop in La Coruña.That kind of poverty is familiar for Myint, who was one of the 571 employees laid off at Myan Mode. COVID-19 is a novel strain of coronavirus that causes … Wednesday’s release of the half-year results, from February to the end of July, reveal the material impact of coronavirus-related store closures, with a loss of €195 million in net income. The country’s first positive case of the coronavirus was recorded on March 23 — a Myanmar citizen living in the United States who had recently returned for a wedding. Employees had been provided with cloth masks in February but they were not durable, and the factory did not supply any other masks. The union worker said that the offer to reinstate 29 people fell short of the union’s demands. In a pre-coronavirus world, Ortega’s way of doing business courted plenty of controversy. Myint said she and the other union members were growing increasingly certain that they were being punished. Inditex, the world's biggest clothing retailer, is spending billions on its online operations and premium stores from Barcelona to Beijing despite steep losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Plus, beauty founders share how they are navigating the coronavirus crisis and experts turn a critical eye on the transparency movement. “If that does not work, we might even sue,” one leader told BuzzFeed News on the condition of anonymity. The coronavirus has so far not spread extensively in Myanmar, despite the country sharing a nearly 1,400-mile border with China, and the fact that an estimated 10,000 migrant workers were crossing the border on a daily basis until late January. Over the years, Zara has remained faithful to its core values, expressed simply in the same four key words that … Her entire body ached from hunching over the zippers and lining she sewed into skirts, jackets, shirts, and hoodies for Zara and its rival Spanish brand, Mango. Zara’s story begins with the opening of our first store in the Spanish coastal city of A Coruña in 1975, an early milestone in our company’s long history. korṓnē, "garland, wreath". H&M Group’s 2020 goal, for instance, is to only use cotton from sustainable sources. The fact is the brands have all the power to change things. Zara also delivered washable, splash-proof, even arguably stylish turquoise hospital gowns to medical workers in the city of La Coruña. Los Angeles, crushed by Covid-19, now confronts a more contagious variant. A union leader in Rui Ning explains what happened at the factory. Already, several brands have canceled orders of clothes that have already been made in factories, and many have reneged on payments promised to workers in Asia. Fast fashion was always a problem. But at the end of each day, Myint said, she still felt as though she was a machine whose batteries had died. “That’s completely false, of course,” Andrew Tillett-Saks, a labor rights activist who lives and works in Myanmar, told BuzzFeed News. Ortega’s quick thinking served him well even when the coronavirus hit Spain. Meanwhile, in crowded factories located in chaotic, crime-filled industrial hubs, the workers making these clothes find themselves abandoned by Zara, the global retail brand that’s making quarantine look so glamorous. For the past month, around 30 members of the Myan Mode union who were sacked appeared daily outside the factory’s gates in protest, where they ate, slept, sang union songs. Since the factory, whose owners are based in South Korea, opened in 2016, half of all orders have been from Zara. We use cookies to ensure the best experience for you on our website.If you choose to ignore this message, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on ET Retail. The world might be full of uncertainty, but being able to choose the fit, color, and fabric of the shirt we pair with those comfy pajamas still offers the possibility of feeling in control. Until lockdowns in Spain forced everyone to stay indoors, Ortega still drank his coffee at his favorite local café. Firefighters wearing protective clothing spray disinfectant along a street as a preventive measure against the spread of COVID-19 in Yangon, April 23. The union has also approached the South Korean consulate and Yangon’s Arbitration Council. ET. On March 28, ambulance crews gathered outside his home to wish him a happy birthday, memed mercilessly for losing a minuscule portion of his, officially recorded only 176 cases and six deaths, the health minister said the people owed to their diet and lifestyle, spotted wearing a black, fitted Zara Man jacket, factories in Brazil were likened to “slavery”, returning to garment factories in Bangladesh. Dig into Zara’s history, and you will find its owner Ortega’s origin story recounted in breathless detail. Nishita Jha is a global women's rights reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in India. The reputation that Ortega, Inditex’s billionaire founder, enjoys as a small-town hero in Spain is bolstered by stories about his legendary humility. By February, Myint and the other union members had heard that the supply of raw materials from China, things like zippers, fabric, buttons, rivets, and velcro, had stopped coming to Myan Mode. Las ambulancias de La Coruña delante de la casa de Amancio Ortega para expresar el agradecimiento de toda la sociedad y felicitarle por su cumpleaños. There was still no mention of social distancing. A former star of the hit British program Love Island and her boyfriend were arrested in Barbados as they allegedly tried to flee the island after he tested positive for COVID-19. Wear Tight Clothes. It Was Meant To Be An App To Help Immigrants Lead A Normal Life In The US. Prince Charles and Camila Share Reunion Pic Ahead of 15th Anniversary Following Coronavirus Isolation By Rachel McRady‍ 5:44 AM PDT, April 9, 2020 Chris Jackson/Getty Images Inditex owns several other brands, including Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Oysho, Stradivarius, Zara Home, and Uterqüe. Caso não concorde com o uso cookies dessa forma, você deverá ajustar as configurações de seu navegador ou deixar de acessar o nosso site e serviços. It’s possible that no one will don a Versace cape anytime soon, but consumers are ordering clothes online to reflect their new lives: clothes to wear on work Zoom calls, athleisure for exercising at home, sweats and pajamas for lounging around, and clothes that simply make us feel good. When confronted by these allegations from Brazil and Turkey, Zara turned to the argument often used by big brands that rely on cheap labor for supply chains — they had a contract with the factory, and the factory alone. But Ortega’s true gift is speed. It will mean a lot to the union in Myanmar,” said Tillett-Saks, who was aware of emails exchanged between the unions in Myanmar and Spain. Zara Home poised to unveil its new global image . Fast fashion retailer Zara is going green. FRIENDS. But the company’s crown jewel is undoubtedly Zara. 15 December 2020. 80% of the country’s positive COVID-19 cases were in the capital. All they want is that workers who were fired should be reinstated and that they do not use the pandemic as an excuse to attack the union.”Inditex’s own code of conduct states that the company supports unions and wants factories to treat workers in the supply chain with care for their health and safety. “We wanted masks to be made mandatory, an end to mandatory overtime while the crisis was on, and we wanted them to send home the two women whose husbands had COVID-like symptoms,” a veteran union leader named Mau Maung, who was part of the negotiating committee, said. Utilizamos cookies, próprios e de terceiros, que o reconhecem e identificam como um usuário único, para garantir a melhor experiência de navegação, personalizar conteúdo e anúncios, e melhorar o desempenho do nosso site e serviços. Nearly half a million people in Myanmar work in garment factories, living cheek by jowl in dormitories that factories rent to them for half of their salaries. “Workers cannot oppress workers, but that’s what happens at the factories,” Myint said. Hlaing Tharyar is a crowded hub of garment factories and light manufacturers, home to gang violence, police violence, and union clashes. The coronavirus pandemic caused the first decline in the number of international transfers in the men's game in a decade, FIFA has said. In the past, labor unions and NGOs have been wary of publicly calling out brands because they were afraid of precisely what happened at Myan Mode and Rui Ning — troublemakers would be fired, or the brand would shut that particular factory down and sign a contract with another. A third socially distances on a boat, her white poplin shirt dress a contrast to the lush green surroundings. Issues with fast fashion far precede the emergence of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, but its rapid spread has deepened the incredible inequity between garment workers who work at one end of the supply chain and wealthy individuals like Zara’s Spanish billionaire owner Amancio Ortega, the world’s sixth-richest man, who are rebranding themselves as benevolent saviors. But like several parts of Southeast Asia, it is difficult to give a true picture because there is insufficient testing — as of May 1, the government had administered 8,300 tests. “This union-busting case using COVID-19 as cover has not yet been resolved,” a union worker told BuzzFeed News, speaking on the condition of anonymity. They just don’t because they prioritize their financial profits over the people who make their clothes.”. But Ortega’s generosity and concern for Zara’s workers stopped at the borders of Spain. Then suddenly, in the last week of March, everything changed. Ao continuar com a navegação em nosso site, você aceita o uso de cookies. Experts fear that if the number of coronavirus cases increased dramatically, the country’s public healthcare system would collapse. On days we finish our work early, we cannot sign out of the factory, we’re simply given another task, and then another, and another...the work never stops.”Being in the union gave Myint more bargaining power, she was part of a collective of over 500 people, most of whom were women. To help keep this news free, become a member and sign up for our newsletter, Outbreak Today. The company said net profit for its year to end-January 2020 was 3.6 billion euros, a gain of six percent with the charge, but which would have been 12 percent without it. The more than 500 workers who had accepted severance pay could possibly be able to return to the factory once it resumed work at full capacity — although it was unclear when that might happen. PRINT On March 28, ambulance crews gathered outside his home to wish him a happy birthday. This article has been updated to include a statement from Inditex issued after the story was published. The globe-trotting, stylish woman from Zara’s campaigns moved indoors — or at least, that’s where you’ll see her in the slickly produced videos that the global fashion brand uploads to Twitter. A selection of still images from Zara's recent Twitter campaigns. This month, for instance, thousands of workers including those who sew clothes for Zara are returning to garment factories in Bangladesh, even during the pandemic. All of the cotton, linen and polyester used by Zara will be organic, sustainable or recycled by 2025, parent company Inditex announced this week. He directed 11 of his factories in Galicia, northwest Spain, to immediately switch to making personal protective equipment (PPE). Pop star Zara Larsson has revealed she hopes her new will be a form of "escapism". “If these brands were to indicate any interest in keeping workers safe, the factories would immediately follow suit. Britney Spears might be a communist now, and teenagers on TikTok are calling Karl Marx “daddy.” Jeff Bezos — memed mercilessly for losing a minuscule portion of his money — has in fact now added $25 billion, more than the GDP of Honduras, to his total wealth since the coronavirus crisis began. Discover the new ZARA collection online. MADRID: The investment vehicle of Amancio Ortega - founder of fashion empire Inditex and one of Europe's richest men - reported on Tuesday it had real estate assets with a market value of 15.16 billion euros ($17.15 billion) at end-2019. These unions are a lifeline for people who are treated by big brands as convenient, but ultimately disposable, cheap labor. Le géant du textile espagnol, propriétaire de Zara et de huit autres enseignes, dont Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Zara Home ou Oysho, réagit aussi à la crise du coronavirus. In 2015, Zara was accused of discriminating against black employees at its corporate offices (Zara denied the reports), while conditions in factories in Brazil were likened to “slavery” (Zara Brazil responded to the charges saying “the alleged criminal offences pointed out by the inspection report refer to third-party conduct that is not to be confused with Zara’s”). COVID-19 Information for the Otorhinolaryngology Community Elastomeric Respirators: Alternative to Disposable N95 Respirators. Coronavirus; Crise du Covid-19 : Zara annonce la fermeture de 1 200 boutiques dans le monde. MADRID: Zara owner Inditex booked its first quarterly loss on Wednesday after the coronavirus crisis forced it to shut almost 90% of its stores in the three months from February to April. Mango did not respond to a BuzzFeed News request for comment. The way those factories treat their employees is not the brand’s business. Anxiety about being laid off or having your salary slashed because of the coronavirus crisis has led to thinkpieces, graffiti, and “eat the rich” memes. Inditex said it rejects the assertions made by BuzzFeed News. Once her shift ended, there was still housework to be done, groceries to be carried home, food to be cooked for her family. We may all be at home, but that hasn’t stopped our reporters from breaking exclusive stories like this one.